New Release: Chanmina’s -notebook-u-.

The day we wrote Baby in the cabin in the sky

Very late posting this because the global pandemic made me lazy with updates, BUT ❤️ CHANMINA released this record and I love it.   😍🙌🔥
We wrote “Baby” with Adam Kapit (at his magical cabin in the Hollywood sky) when Mina was here last fall. Check it out here.

We Gots a Trailer

Our song Young Once by Janet & The Planets is in the Banana Split trailer. 😍

I may or may not be Janet. Tyler Shamy, Adam Nielson and John Travolta may or may not be Planets.

You’ll just never know.

Check out Young Once here. 

Zombies 2: #2 on iTunes 😍

So excited about this one! Zombies 2 premiered last week and our song Flesh & Bone decided to trend on Youtube at #2 😍

Wrote this one on the studio floor with Doug Rockwell and we’re extremely excited to have it out in the universes. 🙏🙏🙏

Born to Be Brave!

When I first found out we were going to be working on High School Musical
(the Musical.) (The Series.) (The Etc.) I geeked out big time.
Doug Rockwell and I are so proud of this one. Excited to have it out in the world and to see the reception its been getting! Also, this scene is EVERYTHING. 😭


Life is insane. Thank you Marvel and Marvel Rising for making this happen! Doug Rockwell and I have gotten to write a couple songs for Marvel this year, but getting to sing this one is a whole other level, and I’m super psyched to sing TEAM… for the…Team.
(Yeah. I’ll see myself out.)


In With Marvel & Sofia Wiley


Doug Rockwell and I got to work with the amazing Sofia Wylie for Marvel Rising’s “Chasing Ghosts” which comes out this week!

Our song “Side by Side” drops on January 18th!!!

People say things all the time to hype stuff up, but honest to God – this team is insane. I love every single person on it and am so deeply grateful to be a part of this. ❤️