Tyler Shamy’s EP Is OUT NOW


We need to talk, you guys…

Tyler Shamy‘s EP just came out.
I want you to listen to it.
Here are some important reasons as to why you should:
1. Ty is one of those people who is so talented that it’s stupid, and you’re probably going to want to make out with his voice.
Just go with it. It’s cool.
2. I co-wrote all of these songs with him, and I’m really, genuinely proud of what we made together.
3. “Over” is one of the best songs I have ever written. Ever.
4. Aside from being a killer writer and singer, in his spare time, Ty is also a cartoon. WHICH IS REALLY COOL AND I AM SO JEALOUS UGH.
5. Ty and I are super close and because of this we only leave each other voicemails using accents, preferably of the Eastern European variety- because that is what friends DO.

So obviously, you want to listen to his songs now….



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