Miwa’s “We Are The Light” Debuts at #10

Miwa is a Japanese superstar that I got to work with during the FUJI/Pulse camp in Tokyo last summer. She is literally the nicest person on the planet. She is also basically the Japanese Taylor Swift.

When I got to the studio the day we were supposed to work together, she was running a little bit late, and I was told she was tired because she had a show the night before… for about 80,000 people.

(I know, nbd.)

Then my A&R casually dropped “She’s very nervous to work with you.”

And I said, “Sure, because THAT makes sense.” (In full Chandler Bing mode, obviously.)

ANYWAY – when Miwa arrived we realized that her English was slightly better than my Japanese (I’m learning you guyzzzzz,) and as our BFF and producer extraordinaire Her0ism (who is a celebrity and a damn good producer in his own right,) started playing some chords, I scribbled down some concepts. The top one was “Lights/We are the lights.”

I never volunteer concepts before the artist does when we’re together in the room, because I like to see what they’re feeling since, uh, that’s why we’re there to begin with – so I turn to Miwa, and ask her what she’s thinking as far as concepts go.

Her0 translated for us, and Miwa blurts out: “Lights. Lots of lights.”

I stared at her and in full American valley girl mode said “OHMIGAWD NO WAY!” Before showing her my scribbles and then in full Japanese adorable mode she said “OOOHHHHHHHHH!”

Moral of the Story: Brainwaves do not care about languages and vibes always win.

Miwa cut the song which is now officially her 23rd single and also the theme song for the Tokyo drama, Setoutsumi, which I have not yet watched but imagine it is exciting because most things in Tokyo are.

Here’s the video: Miwa – We Are The Light (2017)



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