Story & Blue’s Cover of Radiohead’s Creep Is OUT NOW

Alright humans, Story & Blue is the duo I am in with one of my best friends,  Señor Amigo Tyler Shamy.

Ty is my longtime co-writer soul-homie, neighbor, stealer of cheese and one of the biggest hearts in the entire world. After years of writing together we decided it was stupid that we weren’t in a duo, so now we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We make songs out of scars and write about why being human is weird. Our EP of original material is coming early next year, but in the meantime we decided to cover Radiohead’s Creep which is now available on iTunes / Spotify / Youtube and everywhere else in the universe.

Please check it out and add it to your life playlists if it makes you feel the things!

I will basically be throwing out a mad amount of hidden music into the world in the upcoming months, so watch this space and thanks for joining me on this weird little journey.


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