Lottery Featured on Spotify’s Discover Weekly

You guys! Apparently my song Lottery has found its way onto Discover Weekly on Spotify without telling me.

I feel like this song just packed a suitcase and is making all its own choices these days. They grow up so fast.

Seriously, this is really cool because I have done literally nothing to promote this song. Most independent artists promote their material on Spotify with various companies or PR tools etc., and all I did was upload it so people could hear it (after the Great Taylor Swift incident of Summer 2017 ).

The fact that this little song is wandering around the world, ending up on KFI 640, on the radio in the Philippines, all over youtube, and now this playlist is crazy and cool and weird and I like it all.

If you haven’t heard it yet, here you gos.





PS. The live video is on its way. 🙂



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