Today was hands down one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve ever had in music.
Thank you @writegirlla for bringing us together with your beautiful, strong and powerful girls who in turn inspired the hell out of me with their words and sense of purpose.

Sharing a stage with these talented women was amazing and insane.

Every single one of them is a force of nature. 😍🎤🙌

Beautiful day. Beautiful humans. I’m on a bit of a heart high right now. Thank you Michelle Lewis for inviting me. These experiences are literally the best part of being human. ❤️🙏

@mlewey@thereallevans @krewella @lisaloeb@deannabombchica @shellypeiken@kayhanley @theorangecouchsessions@hollypsinger @heidirojasrobison@michellefeatherstonemusic @jacqbecker@louisegoffinmusic @kerentay @lgpix13on


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