The Story

1512299_10151883164602574_335072356_nTOVA is an artist, songwriter, and storyteller.
After rising up on the Los Angeles songwriting scene, writing songs for artists like Dove Cameron and Haley & Michaels, TOVA started working on her EP, Tova On Mars which is an ode to 1960s pop music mixed with slam poetry and hip-hop beats.

She has an unhealthy obsession with mangoes, and wishes she was Lesley Gore and Drake’s lovechild.

In 2017, TOVA’s song Lottery went viral because of Taylor Swift, and she flew to Tokyo where 4 top 10 hits in the Japanese market quickly followed. When she’s not in the studio, she can be found on safari with elephants, writing folklore or dressing up in sumo wrestling suits on Tuesdays.

Her single Out of the Blue is a “happy nostalgic mess of 60s-influenced pop with hiphop elements.”

In 2017, Tova started the duo Story & Blue with her longtime collaborator and best friend Tyler Shamy. Their EP Don’t Tell Anyone, out in summer 2018.

An international hybrid, Tova was born in California and raised in Europe and the Middle East, later returning to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career.



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