f o l l o w m e

It all begins.

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Some Days…

Perhaps we are born with clear eyes and over the years our vision fades because we see too many things.

Maybe there is only a certain amount we can take in before it starts taking us with it.

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My heart won’t admit it, but it is a waterfall stuck inside a leaky faucet. Plenty of content, but never particularly good at coming out rationally.

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” R.I.P. OK. I get it. It’s not meant to be funny. But, let’s be honest there is something a bit ridiculous behind the words that are muttered uncomfortably by those who knew parts of us and avoided entirely by those who knew us well – if we are lucky. I look at the phrase […]

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Hello Tokyo

Thank you FUJIpacific for putting together the Tokyo writing camp and for what has been one of the best weeks of my life. Mad and beautiful things are coming soon. 🙂

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